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Postby Pale Fire » 17 Apr 2014, 22:11

"Don't Leave Without Me" and "In Silence" were actually the tracks I enjoyed the most when I first heard the extended version of "The First Flower." For some reason, the songs "Shine" and "Promise" didn't stick out to me until about a year after I first heard the album and I love those songs too now. I still don't find "Sin Of Sins (1984 Mix)" appealing.

I didn't discover the band until I was 19 in August of 2004. I found the Gothic Rock 2 compilation from Cleopatra Records in an indie music store and Play Dead, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Skeletal Family, The March Violets, Virgin Prunes, and a few others stuck out to me. I started looking up Play Dead later in the month and I found this website. The song "Pale Fire" made me into an enthusiastic Play Dead fan. I downloaded everything I could on the website from the original mixes of "From The Promised Land" (I think the original mixes are underrated), M.A.D., and the live stuff. I eventually acquired "Company Of Justice" in April of 2005. Jeff Leyda introduced me to "The First Flower" album in August of 2005. I eventually acquired "Resurrection," and the 2007 remaster of "From The Promised Land" on CD. Jeff Leyda sent me the 2007 remaster and the "Into The Fire" DVD, which I've always been thankful for. Thanks again, Jeff.
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