Play Dead/Banbury Wine Vaults Nov 2016

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Play Dead/Banbury Wine Vaults Nov 2016

Postby OX4 » 08 Nov 2016, 11:03

Official announcement from Play Dead 8th November 2016-

"Despite claims made this week on social media, Play Dead are NOT making a live appearance in Banbury (or anywhere else) this coming weekend. This posting, claiming to be from a member of Play Dead, is a total fabrication made by a person- or persons- unknown for reasons which are also unknown. Please do not make any travel arrangements or undertake any personal expense to attend this totally fictitious event. The band currently have no plans to reform or play live for the forseeable future. When- and if- these plans change we will inform you first through official channels i.e. this website and the Play Dead pages on Facebook and Twitter. Please do not give credence to information from any other source and/or contribute to the spread of incorrect information. The band appreciate your enthusiam for their work and are grateful for your ongoing support. Many thanks, Play Dead"

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