The First Flower (1992 Reissue)

The First Flower (Jungle Records FREUD 4. Released April 1983) Side 1-Time/The Tenant/Propaganda Side 2-Sin Of Sins/In Silence/Don't Leave Without Me Produced and engineered by Roy Rowland. Recorded at Nagasaki Studios London, March 1983. Propaganda recorded April 1982.

The First Flower (Reissue)
(Jungle Records FREUDCD003. Released 1992)

Time/The Tenant/Propaganda/Sin Of Sins/In Silence/Don’t Leave Without Me/Shine/Gaze/Promise/Propaganda(mix)/Propaganda(1984 mix)/Sin Of Sins(1984 mix)/Poison Takes A Hold/Introduction/TV Eye/Final Epitaph

Notes: ‘The First Flower’ finally remastered for CD. The inclusion of the extra tracks means that this is a collection of everything the band released prior to signing to Clay Records plus the ‘1984’ mixes, all of which were only previously available on vinyl. This re-release was then itself re-released as a Deluxe Vinyl Edition in 2015, although without the ‘Shine’ EP tracks (Let Them Eat Vinyl LETV237LP).