Play Dead ‘The Collection’ available now

March 3rd 2023 saw the release of ‘The Collection’, the first officially endorsed collection of Play Dead’s back catalogue.

Featuring a selection of tracks chosen and sequenced by the band themselves, this album is released by Jungle Records and is available on 12″ blue vinyl and special CD digipack.

Side 1– Burning Down/Isabel/Sin of Sins/Sacrosanct/Propaganda
Side 2- This Side of Heaven/Shine/Witnesses/Break/The Tenant

Burning Down/Isabel/Sin Of Sins/Sacrosanct/Time/Chains/Propaganda/Pale Fire/Gaze/This Side Of Heaven/Shine/Witnesses/Company Of Justice/Break/The Tenant

‘The Collection’ is available from vinyl retailers now, or direct from the Jungle Records website. Customers in the UK and other countries head here- https://jungrec.link/PlayDead and residents of the Americas and Canada see here- https://jungrec.link/PlayDeadUSA